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Season 12 of the official world ranking of polo comes to a close

December 18, 2017
December 18, 2017
With the end of the Sojo and Lalor Cups in Palermo, season 12 of the World Polo Tour, the official world ranking of polo, comes to an end.


- Adolfo Cambiaso tops ranking for fifth year in a row.
- The top 5 is composed by three La Dolfina players (Cambiaso, Nero, Stirling) and two from Ellerstina (Facundo and Gonzalo Pieres).
- There are two non-Argentine players in the Top 10 (Stirling and Ribeiro de Andrade), as well as Polito Pieres, who was born in the US.
- In the Amateur ranking, American Bob Jornayvaz closed an unforgettable year as leader of the board with 669 points, 24 points more than Orchard Hill's (already retired) Steve Van Andel.
- The ranking is made from a total of 1742 players who have participated in at least one of the tournaments in the International circuit. Currently, there are 55 tournaments, split into 5 categories.
- These 55 tournaments take place in 10 different countries, most of them in Argentina, England and United States.
- The tournament that gives the most points is the Argentine Open Championship, with 300 points awarded for each of the players on the winning team.
- The World Polo Tour is the only worldwide annual calendar with the most outstanding tournaments of the sport.

The tope players of November and December are the following:


Professional: Sapo Caset. Sapo once again proved his quality as a top international player throughout the Argentine Open, where he showed a great level.  Together with Alegría he was very close to beating Ellerstina and qualifying for the the final. He finished the year by regaining his 10-goals.

Amateur: Ricardo Jara. The Chilean played the Thai Polo Cup Argentina for the first time with Real Time, together with his Matias Vial, Manuel Crespo and Gonzalo Bello.
Pick of the month: Mackenzie Weiss. The young 14 year-old player gave a great performance during the El Remanso Cup and in each tournament he participated in. He finished the year by gaining a 1-goal handicap.


Professional: Adolfo Cambiaso. When his team needed him most, Adolfito showed that his magic is still intact and played his best Palermo final in several seasons. The win gave him his 14th Open title, the fifth consecutive one for La Dolfina (eleventh over all for La Dolfina).

Amateur: Alejandro Agote (h). With 16 years of age, he won the President's Cup alongside his father Alejandro, and Rufino and Pancho Bensadon. His handicap was raised from 2 to 3 goals.

Pick of the month: Victorino Ruiz Jorba. "Torito" won the Provincia Cup to crown an unforgetteable year, that saw him as the star at Greenwich. He also won the Technopolo Cup together with La Trinidad. His handicap was raised from 5 to 6 goals.


Professional: Adolfo Cambiaso. A very successful year for Adolfito: the US Triple Crown, with a recognition for Cuartetera clone 09. He then played the Nations Cup in representation of Argentina. In England, where he switched teams after 16 years with Dubai, he helped RH to claim the Queen's Cup. Back in Argentina, he played for Valiente La Dolfina with together with Bob Jornayvaz, and claimed the San Jorge and the Jockey Club Open. In the Triple Crown, he won his fifth consecutive Tortugas Open by beating Ellerstina in the final. Finally, he closed the year winning his fifth consecutive Open, reaching 100 games and 900 goals in Palermo.

Amateur: Bob Jornayvaz. This was an unforgettable year for Bob: CV Whitney Cup, USPA Gold Cup, US Open, his own tournament in Denver with Adolfo Cambiaso, and he made history in Argentina winning the San Jorge Open and the Jockey Club with Valiente La Dolfina. He was able to played with the four La Dolfina players over both tournaments.

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