• Why fly to Argentina?

  • Why fly to Argentina?

  • Why fly to Argentina?

Why fly to Argentina?
Why fly to Argentina?Why fly to Argentina?

Why fly to Argentina?

Find your dream horse in Europe

September 19, 2017
September 19, 2017
Located in Muehlen, close to the Dutch border, Schockemoehle Polo Stud offers a wide array of services, combined with a laid back atmosphere and top notch facilities. The stud offers clients and patrons a "holiday-like" experience.

The polo farm was founded by Vanessa Schockemoehle, an expert in horse breeding and training coming from one of the most traditional showjumping families in Germany, and Patrick Maleitzke, one of the most recognised German polo players on the circuit. Before they arrived, the place had almost 1000 years of history: the first farm was deeded in 1359. The famous gable of the house, which is still conserved, was built in 1908. It wasn't until 1914, when the farm was transferred to Joseph Alwin Schockemoehle, that its direction shifted towards horse and cattle breeding. It went on to win several prizes in the 1920s. In 1933, Aloys Schockemoehle took over the farm; when he passed away, the farm management was inherited by Vanessa’s father, Alwin Schockemoehle. Alwin and his brother Paul, were very successful show jumpers, recognised worldwide. Her father won two Olympic Gold medals, as well as a Silver and Bronze medal. He also won two European Championship Gold medals, three Silver and two Bronze, between 1960 and 1975. When he retired from competing, he dedicated  his time completely to breeding showjumping horses and becoming one of the most recognised breeders in Europe.

But Schockemoehle Polo Stud is now most outstanding because it is the only place in Europe where 'Polo Argentino' horses are bred and sold. This means that any professional or patron who wishes to buy a 'Polo Argentino' in Europe can do so, without the costs implied with buying and transporting a horse from Argentina. The costs of owning a 'Polo Argentino' have become more accesible, with no compromise in the quality of the breed. These logistics are also beneficial for the horse, particularly in terms of health; being transported across Europe from Germany is much safer than travelling from another continent.

Six years ago, Vanessa and her partner Patrick Maleitzke had the idea of shifting the direction of the farm into polo, and La Llovizna Polo Stud, now named Schockemoehle Polo Stud, was born. In 2014 they also created Muehlen Polo Club on the premise. There, patrons, players and horses train together in a friendly environment.
The facilities include:
1) Sale of Polo Ponies
"Around 140 Polo Ponies for every kind of rider - beginner, patron, or professional. We have the suitable horse for every stage of polo. The client can try many horses in one place. We also care about our client and their horse once we complete the sale", explains Vanessa Schockemoehle.
"We have sold ponies around the world: USA, Denmark, England, Argentina, Russia, China. We also prepare the flight and/or transportation documents. Many of our sold ponies in foreign countries have won Best Playing Pony awards. All our ponies have tested negative for Coggins test, and they have had vaccinations for influenza, tetanus and herpes. All ponies are chipped.

The horses born here have 'Polo Argentino' ownership papers, passport, and are DNA tested.
2) Organising / Training
"We offer training of polo ponies. The client can bring his ponies to us. We train them, when the client wants to go on a tournament, we organise everything! We organise the tournament entry, too! We organise transportation for the ponies and boxes. Hotel rooms for grooms and client. If needed, flight tickets. The client doesn’t have to worry about anything! He can just enjoy Polo!", continues Vanessa. "We are open to play every tournament in Europe! If the client wants special customised t-shirts or even stuff for horses (special rugs, blanket etc), we can organise it!"

The stud also offer to train young horses or difficult horses, such as when a young horse has to be broken in or has to learn to play chukkas, etc.
A difficult horse can also be trained in the stud to become the horse the client  originally bought. They make a problem horse, an easy horse. They  offer to stable the ponies at the stud and train them. The client can bring their own groom or the stud can provide one.

Schockemole also have their own blacksmiths, so the hooves of the horses are always in perfect condition. There is a horse clinic 200 meters away from the stud. If the horse needs a vet, he can be there in 5 minutes.

Benefits of buying a horse at Schockemoehle Polo Stud
- Horses are already acclimatised.
- When there are problems with the horse, the stud can help and find a solution; either take the horse back in training or find a new one.
- All horses have been tested for Coggins and are anaemia FREE.
- All horses are fully vaccinated and wormed.
- All horses have a registered passport and are chipped.
- NO flight costs when you buy from Europe. Transport can be also organised by the stud.
- If the client wants to put horses in as a trade-in, he can do so.
- The stud has a wide choice of horses for clients to try: about 140 polo horses on the stud for all levels of polo.

Perfect training conditions. Unique in Europe:
- Under roof canter track, about 1.5 kilometers long, only one in the world.
- Condition trainer for 12 horses programmed with walking, trotting.
- 2 polo fields.
- Indoor arena.
- Outdoor schooling arena.
- Water house.
- Magnetic therapy.
- Walking machine.
- Three canter outside tracks