• The club expands facilities and raises level of polo

  • The club expands facilities and raises level of polo

  • The club expands facilities and raises level of polo

The club expands facilities and raises level of polo
The club expands facilities and raises level of poloThe club expands facilities and raises level of polo

The club expands facilities and raises level of polo

Polo Park Zurich

March 6, 2017
March 6, 2017
Polo Park Zurich, owned by Sebastien Le Page and Morgan Van Obenbroek as of June 2013, started in 1998 when Markus Graff, an investment manager founded the facilities. 

After the purchase of the club by regular member Sebastien and his wife Morgan, Polo Park Zuric began its most active stage. They quickly turned it into the most active club in the country, and the one with the highest number of members and tournaments. 

It took over three years for the adventurous couple to finish their new stables and clubhouse, but they finally did it, and with the inauguration of such world-class facilities, the club seeks to raise the level of polo and become more competitive. The goal is to not only be one of the most active clubs in Switzerland, but the D/A/CH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region as a whole.

The new clubhouse features high quality facilities: a bar-restaurant, terrace, changing rooms, bathrooms, comfortable and homely apartments and parking. This, together with the personnel that endeavors to offer their best services, makes the club not only a place for good polo, but a touristic destination as well.

In addition, the owners wish to give their horses and employees the maximum comfort and best working and living conditions, so they have built 57 additional boxes, private saddle rooms for every eight horses, a horse walker and several extra facilities necessary to train and accommodate the beloved animals. 

In 2016, the club began its re-activation, and both guests, players and sponsors gave great feedback: their response was extremely positive. The most notable tournaments were the 17th International Ladies Cup, which brought together five highly competitive teams, 26 sponsors, 200 VIP guests, and had the presence of the iconic Sunny Hale, who sadly passed away recently, but not before leaving her mark on the club. 

The other main tournament was the Luxury Trophy, sponsored by Piaget, that had a great turnover of spectators. In 2017, all the mentioned facilities will be officially inaugurated, and the new era will start. Polo Park Zurich has teamed up with PoloLine to give the polo fans exclusive reports, photos and details of this new stage.

About Polo Park Zurich:

- The club has over 50 active and stick & ball members and over 80 VIP members. 
- The Kids Club, founded in 2006, enjoys great popularity, ensuring that the young polo generation is properly trained in riding and game tactics.
- Every level of polo can be played at Polo Park Zurich. A varied program is offered, with various training courses, club competitions, top-class tournaments (such as the Zurich Championship, Swiss Championship, Luxury Trophy, Gold Cup, or the Ladies’ Cup) as well as other sporting and social events.

* 10 polo tournaments between April and September.
* Polo events, exhibitions, discovery courses, group lessons, private lessons.
* Over 30 full active members, 10 Argentine professionals, 15 new Stick & Ball active members, 10 kids, and more than 80 VIP members.
* New stables building with a capacity for 57 horses, neighbour Ackeret Stables with capacity for 60 horses, and others stables available for a total of nearly 250 polo ponies.
* 2 competition-sized fields of 275 x 145m + 1 normal size field.
* 1 training track.
* 1 horse carrousel.
* Horse paddocks.
* Clubhouse with complete facilities: bar, kitchen, dining room, terrace, changing rooms, showers, fireplace, and fully equipped bedrooms.