English Polo Season
English Polo SeasonEnglish Polo Season

English Polo Season

13th Polo Awards celebrated at Guards Polo Club

May 31, 2018
May 31, 2018
The 13th edition of the Polo Awards took place on Wednesday night at Guards Polo Club. The event was filled with players, patrons, families and friends of the polo community. It was a special occasion to celebrate the 2017 season. After a champagne reception, guests took their seats for the awards.
13th Annual Polo Awards Results:
Most Outstanding Lady Player: Nina Clarkin.
Most Outstanding British Professional: James Harper. 
Most Outstanding High Goal Patron: Michael Bickford.
The Pololine TV Most Outstanding High Goal Pony: Open Nueva Jersey, owned and played by Gonzalito Pieres.
Most Outstanding High Goal Team: King Power.
The HPA Lifetime Achievement Award: Christopher Hanbury and David Jamison.
The Guards Polo Club Most Outstanding High Goal Player: Facundo Pieres.
Young Player Award: Tommy Beresford.
Recognition Award: PJ McMahon.
The 2017 HPA Victor Ludorum Awards
18 Goal: Park Place.
15 Goal: Armis Snake Bite.
12 Goal: Foxcote.
8 Goal: Limitless Silvertown.
6 Goal: Thomson Local.
Winter League: Thomson Local.
The Thai Polo & Equestrian Club Dream Team: Facundo Pieres, Juan Britos, Tincho Merlos and Hilario Ulloa.

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