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Saint Tropez Polo Club

The Cote d'Azur welcomes polo back for what promises to be another spectacular season

April 12, 2018
April 12, 2018
The first trimester of the year is almost over, and polo seasons around the world, such as in Wellington, Dubai (Dubai Gold Cup series), and Argentina (autumn season), are reaching their final stages. The polo community now turns to focus on the upcoming European season, especially looking forward to action in St Tropez, the highlight of the summer.

The calendar offered by the club on the French Cote d’Azur is highly attractive, and thanks the arrival of Alshair Fiyaz, who is revolutionising the club, the 2018 season will be particularly special. The latest news is that club chukkas will open and close the season. This year polo will begin two weeks earlier than it did last year, and will conclude three weeks later. 

"I began as polo manager at St Tropez Polo Club in 2012, and the club has grown  enormously since then, especially since the arrival of Alshair Fiyaz," shares Manu Cereceda. "There are new fields, new boxes, a new exercise track, an amazing club house. This year’s season starts in Abril with practices, the first 8-10 goal tournaments will be in May, and we have a base of six teams at the club, so we are very happy. After two or three years of a lot of hard work, we have managed to secure these base teams for the whole season."

"We start the 15-goal in July," continues Cereceda. "We have six teams so far this year, but we would love to get to ten. The highlight of the season comes in August, with the 18 goal. The Pieres’s will be here, as will Jaime García Huidobro, Bauti Urbina, and a Canadian team."

The famous Sunday Polo events will also make a comeback. "Every other Sunday we will host a party after the finals," says Cereceda. "The event is now recognised at a local level in St Tropez, and the parties are always a lot of fun thanks to the mix of people. The locals come to watch good polo and to enjoy the night."

The season at Saint Tropez Polo Club will be covered exclusively by PoloLine.


-Spring Polo (4 weekend tournaments): April 19 - May 13.

-Sun Trophy (8-10 goals): May 17 - 27.

-Silver Whips Cup (8-10 goals): May 31 - June 10.

-Golden Wave (8-10 goals): June 14 - 24.

-Womens International (10-14 goals): June 27 - July 1.

-International Polo Cup (8-10 & 12-15 goals): July 5 - 15.

-Polo Masters/Open de Gassin (8-10 & 12-15 goals): July 19 - 29.

-Cote D’Azur Cup (8-10 & 15-18 goals): August 2 - 12.

-Open du Soleil (8-10 & 12-15 goals): August 16 - 26.

-Gold Cup (8-10 goals): August 30 - September 9.

-Indian Summer Polo (3 weekend tournaments): September 13 - 30.

For more information and to register, please contact Manu Cereceda: