• IPC 26-Goal Season

    Bob Puetz (USPA's CEO) and Tony Coppola (USPA's President) with the Trophy. (Ph: Alex Pacheco).

  • IPC 26-Goal Season

    Valiente, main favourites. (Ph: Alex Pacheco).

  • IPC 26-Goal Season

    Flexjet (Ph: Alex Pacheco).

  • IPC 26-Goal Season

    DRF-Bets (Ph: Alex Pacheco).

  • IPC 26-Goal Season

    AUDI (Ph: Alex Pacheco).

IPC 26-Goal Season
IPC 26-Goal SeasonIPC 26-Goal Season

IPC 26-Goal Season

Main Draw for the US Open announced; Juan Martín Nero returns after 2 years

March 29, 2018
March 29, 2018
The main draw for the US Open Polo Championship took place on Thursday at International Polo Club, in Wellington. As in 2017, a total of six 26 goal teams will compete in the event. Among the participating teams are defending champions Valiente, and last year semifinalists, Flexjet. But the main point of interest is the comeback of Argentine 10-goaler Juan Martín Nero, who hasn’t played this tournament since 2016, when he replaced an injured Polito Pieres in Orchard Hill, and helped Steve Van Andel’s team to win the title.

Besides the presence of some of the best players in the world, this US Open will be special because it will be the last time the competition will feature 26-goal teams. Last September, the USPA announced that the highest level for IPC tournaments would be 22 goals, as of 2019.

Audi: Marc Ganzi 2, Mike Azzaro 6, Polito Pieres 10, Nic Roldan 8. Total: 26.
Colorado: Robert Jornayvaz 1, Juan Britos 7, Magoo Laprida 8, Diego Cavanagh 9. Total: 25.
The Daily Racing Form-DRF Bets: Jared Zenni 5, Agustin Obregon 5, Hilario Ulloa 10, Mariano Obregon 6. Total: 26.
Flexjet: Melissa Ganzi A, Rodrigo Andrade 9, Gonzalito Pieres 9, Nico Pieres 8. Total: 26.
US Polo Assn: Grant Ganzi 2, Juancito Bollini 4, Juan Martin Nero 10, Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8. Total: 26.
Valiente: Bob Jornayvaz 2, Tommy Beresford 4, Facundo Pieres 10, Adolfo Cambiaso 10. Total: 26.

Wed April 4th:
12pm: U.S. Polo Assn. vs. Audi
4pm: Colorado vs. Daily Racing Form
Sat April 7th:
4pm: Colorado vs. Flexjet
Sun April 8th:
3pm: U.S. Polo Assn. vs. Valiente
Wed April 11th:
12pm: Daily Racing Form vs. Flexjet 
4pm: Audi vs. Valiente 
Sun April 15th:
12pm & 3pm: Quarterfinals
Wed April 18th:
12pm & 4pm: Semifinals
Sun April 22nd:
12pm: Hall of Fame Cup
3pm: US Open Polo Championship Final

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