Lovelocks Polo Stud Cup 2017
Lovelocks Polo Stud Cup 2017Lovelocks Polo Stud Cup 2017

Lovelocks Polo Stud Cup 2017

Hascombe win the last tournament in Lobos

December 11, 2017
December 11, 2017
The Lovelocks Cup, the second and last tournament of the season at El Remanso, came to an end on Saturday at the Hanbury's Club. This outstanding tournament is particular for giving four Lovelocks fillies to the winners.

Hascombe and Campo Lindo battled it out in the final match. Hascombe started with 3 goal handicap advantage. It was the most atractive match of the tournament, with an inspired Adrian Laplacette. Tom Beim and Tommy Severn also showed good performances that gave them the lead until fourth chukker.

In the fifth, Tom Beim fell and had to be replaced by Jack Kiely. Campo Lindo made the most of the situation and scored three consecutive goals. But thanks to Adrian Laplacette, Hascombe scored to claim the 10-8 victory, and won the four 2-year old Lovelocks fillies.

Hascombe: Arabella Morris 0, Tommy Severn 0, Tom Beim (Jack Kiely) 3, Adrián Laplacette (h) 6. Total: 9.
Campo Lindo: Anton Schoenfeldt 0, Juan Cruz Greguoli 4, Alejandro Palomeque 5, Claudio Palomeque 3. Total: 12.
MVP: Tommy Severn.
BPP: Sofia, played by Ale Palomeque.

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Final: Hascombe vs Campo Lindo
Entrega de Premios & Sociales

Prior to the main final of Lovelocks Cup, the final of the 6-goal took place. La Bien Mirada (Rodrigo Juarez, Gaston Ayala, Adrián Laplacette and Bernie Meier) beat Polo Club de Veytay 5-1 and celebrated the victory.

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Final 6 goles: La Bien Mirada vs Veytay