La Aguada Spring Cup
La Aguada Spring CupLa Aguada Spring Cup

La Aguada Spring Cup

El Molino beat Conosco to claim title

December 6, 2017
December 6, 2017
El Molino Team beat Conosco by 9 goals to 7 to claim the X La Aguada Spring Cup, part of the 2017 La Aguada Spring Season at the Novillo Astrada club in Open Door.

Menawhile, Cowdray Vikings won the Subsidiary Cup after defeating La Querencia 6 goals to 4. Tomas Pistone was named MVP and Mariano Bosch took the Fair Play Award.

Four teams up to 14-goals participated in the tenth edition of La Aguada Spring Cup:

El Molino: Lucas Bosch 2, Tomás Pistone 2, Francisco Irastorza 6, Juan Pedro Harriet 4. Total: 14.
Conosco: Jeremy Pemberton 0, Pablo Sahores 1, Julio Novillo Astrada 7, Francisco MacLaughlin 4. Total: 12.
Cowdray Vikings: George Pearson 2, Manuel Novillo Astrada 1, Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8, Nicolás Roberts 3. Total: 14.
La Querencia: Mariano Bosch 0, Delfín Uranga 4, Eduardo Novillo Astrada 8, Max Pistone 1. Total: 13.

Photo galleries:
Final: El Molino vs Conosco
Final Subsidiaria: Cowdray Vikings vs La Querencia



The X La Aguada Ladies Cup, the traditional women's tournament, will take place at La Aguada Club from Tuesday December 5 to Friday, December 8. Four teams up to 14-goals will compete.

The results of the first day were as follows:

Queenstown Polo 4 vs. Hamburg Polo 3
Matryoshka 8 vs. La Amistad Polo 4

The tournament will resume on Thursday.

Queenstown Polo: Marie Godnier 0, Lynly Fong 2, Rebecca Walters 3, Lia Salvo 9. Total: 14.
Hamburg Polo Power: Suzanne Rosenkranz 0, Billie Mascart 2, Mia Novillo Astrada 2, Sarah Wiseman 7. Total: 13.
Matryoshka: Zhanna Bandurko 0, Raya Sidorenko 1, Camila Rossi 5, Hazel Jackson 8. Total: 14.
La Amistad Polo: Sofía Scuitto 1, Ginevra D’Orazio 3, Annabel MacNaught-Davies 6, Stephanie Haverhals 3. Total: 13.