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Maple Leaf & La Trinidad to play main final on Friday

November 30, 2017
November 30, 2017
The final stage of the 2017 Technopolo Cup is just around the corner. After the four matches played on Wednesday, Friday's finals have now been set.

Wednesday's results:
Technopolo 8-6 Santa Clara 
Eureka 9-4 Axus 
La Berta Polo Team 7.5-6 La Trinidad 
Los Nocheros 3-5.5 Maple Leaf 

The final day of Technopolo Cup will take place on Friday:

10am, Avis Cup: La Berta Polo Team vs Axus 
10am, Universal Assistance Cup: Santa Clara vs El Rosario de Areco 
12:30pm, Escorihuela Gascón Cup: Antelope vs Eureka 
3pm, La Berta Cup: Los Nocheros vs Technopolo
5:30pm, TECHNOPOLO CUP 2017: Maple Leaf vs La Trinidad 

Photo galleries:
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Maple Leaf vs Los Nocheros
La Berta vs La Trinidad
Eureka vs Axus

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