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Argentine Spring season
Argentine Spring seasonArgentine Spring season

Argentine Spring season

Córdoba will get ball rolling with start of 2017 Camino Real Circuit

October 6, 2017
October 6, 2017
The Argentine spring season is set to be jam-packed with polo, with new tournaments  are due to be held all over the country. Cordoba will get the ball rolling next weekend with the start of the 2017 Camino Real Circuit. The circuit is organised by clubs in the province of Cordoba. Six tournaments will be held in different locations. There will be a presentation party on Saturday, October 7, while the first tournament will begin on Friday, October 13. 

The organisation of the Camino Real Circuit will be in the hands of the following clubs, all located in the centre/north of Cordoba: Pompeya Polo, Pueblo Estancia La Paz, El Galpón Polo Club, El Caburé Polo School, San Alfonso del Talar Polo Club, Malagueño Polo Club and La Asturiana Polo.

The main objectives of the circuit are the following:
-Organise local polo calendar
-Improve fields and club installations
-Offer players more tournaments
-Promote matches and tournaments between regional clubs
-Turn Córdoba into an important part of the national polo calendar; including Camino Real Circuit as one of the AAP’s official tournaments.
-Strengthen the relationship between the northern clubs/clubs in Cordoba and the AAP
-Fix the foundations of a low goal provincial polo calendar, to create similar tournaments to the Copa República and the CAIH in the following years. 

Every match of the Camino Real Circuit will be played with handicap. The only handicaps accepted will be those published by the AAP. The level will be 5-8 goals.

The Camino Real Circuit is made up of six fixtures, to be played at the grounds of the host clubs. Each fixture will be an autonomous tournament organised by the host club. The winners will gain points and be ranked accordingly; this information will be available to the clubs, players, sponsors and the AAP. 

The scores will be awarded in the following manner:
-4 points for the winner of the tournament.
-3 points for the finalist.
-2 points for the winner of the subsidiary or the team that comes in third place.
-1 point for the finalist of the subsidiary or the team that comes in fourth place.
-Each team that takes part in all six fixtures will earn two bonus points at the end of the circuit.

The team topping the ranking at the end of the circuit will be named the winner of the 2017 Camino Real Circuit and will receive the corresponding prizes. 

7/10: Presentation party
13/10: Pompeya Polo (5 chukkas).
20/10: Pueblo Estancia La Paz (6 chukkas).
3/11: Malagueño Polo Club (5 or 6 chukkas).
10/11: El Galpón Polo Club (5 chukkas).
17/11: El Caburé Polo School (5 chukkas).
24/11: Club el Talar de Mendiolaza (5 chukkas).

The Camino Real Circuit has the full support of the AAP.