Fantastic end to the Coupe d´Or at Deauville Polo Club
Fantastic end to the Coupe d´Or at Deauville Polo ClubFantastic end to the Coupe d´Or at Deauville Polo Club

Fantastic end to the Coupe d´Or at Deauville Polo Club

Cibao La Pampa: Unstoppable!

August 28, 2017
August 28, 2017
The Deauville Gold Cup, one of the most prestigious tournaments in Europe, is coveted by many top professionals. This year's final took place in the middle of the Deauville - in the La Touques racecourse. The match was won by Cibao La Pampa, but as its captain Jorge Pepa stated, "It was definitely the most difficult match of the month in Deauville!"

The final, played in front of a record audience (over than 2,000 spectators took to the stands), was the highlight of what was a superb season in Deauville, which included the superstar players such as Sapo Caset and Francisco Elizalde. The latter was key in Cibao La Pampa's Silver and Gold Cup victories. Cibao La Pampa played a fast and efficient game, a beautiful spectacle based on solid teamwork, where each player knew his role perfectly.

Their opponents, Barriere, were the winners of the 2016 French Open in Chantilly. They fought till the end, reducing the score margin in the final chukka. Four men, lead by the brilliant Martin Aguerre Jr. But it was Cibao La Pampa's captain, Jorge Pepa, who scored the decisive goal: "Winning this prestigious Cup in Deauville is fantastic! A big thanks to Jean-Édouard Mazery, President of Deauville International Polo Club, and his team. This tournament is wonderful, both on and off the field. We will definitely be back in Deauville next year!"

The Barriere Deauville Polo Cup 2017 offered ten fantastic days of polo, with fun matches, a friendly atmosphere, rides on the beach, parades on the streets, and entertainment for the entire family.

Score Cibao La Pampa: 2/2 - 4/2 - 6/4 - 8/5 - 8/7
MVP: Jorge Pepa
BPP: Midday (ridden by Fran Elizalde)
Cibao La Pampa: Juan Pepa, Pato Cieza, Fran Elizalde, Jorge Pepa.
Barriere: Martin Joaquin, Juan Chavanne, Martin Aguerre Jr, Tommy Rinderknecht.

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