2017 East Coast Open at Greenwich Polo Club
2017 East Coast Open at Greenwich Polo Club2017 East Coast Open at Greenwich Polo Club

2017 East Coast Open at Greenwich Polo Club

Audi and GSA face off in 20-goal action this Sunday

August 26, 2017
August 26, 2017
Greenwich Polo Club, in partnership with Audi of America and its 29 Tri-State Audi Dealers, are proud to present the 2017 East Coast Open. The tournament will kick off on Sunday with a star studded match, as team Audi [Chris Brant (A), Nick Manifold (4), Mariano Aguerre (9) and Mariano Gonzalez (7)] faces off against GSA [Henry Porter (1), Santino Magrini (3), Toro Ruiz (5) and Matias Magrini (8)]. Besides these players, the competition will feature high-goal players such as Miguel Novillo Astrada, Tomás García Del Río and Kris Kampsen, among others. 

The tournament will be played with two brackets of two teams. Teams play across bracket, so everyone gets two bracket game; all four are ranked together on record. The USPA Polo Network will be present to live stream all matches. Instant replay will be set up for the umpires to use the triggers, but teams will not be able to challenge.

The order of play for Sunday will be as follows:
3pm: Audi vs GSA

Fixture & Teams:
Aug 31st: Audi vs Postage Stamp Farm
Sep 1st: Hublot vs GSA
Sep 3rd 3pm: Hublot vs Postage Stamp Farm
Sep 6th: Semifinals
Sep 9th: Tommy B. Glynn Subsidiary Cup
Sunday Sep 10th 3pm: Final.

Hublot: Bash Kazi A, Marcos Garcia Del Rio 5, Tomas Garcia Del Rio 8, Tommy Biddle 5.
Postage Stamp Farm: Annabelle Gundlach A, Kris Kampsen 6, Miguel Novillo Astrada 9, Brandon Phillips 5.
GSA: Henry Porter 1, Santino Magrini 3, Toro Ruiz 5, Matias Magrini 8.
Audi: Chris Brant A, Nick Manifold 4, Mariano Aguerre 9, Mariano Gonzalez 7.

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