International Polo Cup: Semis set for the 15-goal
International Polo Cup: Semis set for the 15-goalInternational Polo Cup: Semis set for the 15-goal

International Polo Cup: Semis set for the 15-goal

Wins on Wednesday for Marquard Media (15) and Antelope (10)

July 12, 2017
July 12, 2017
Wednesday’s matchday at Polo Club de Saint Tropez saw how Marquard Media made its way into the International Polo Cup (15) semifinals after beating Legacy at Field 1. In the morning, a win by Antelope left them close to the serious stages of the 10-goal category. 

The scores were as follows:
10am, Field 4: Antelope 12-7.5 Dark Ice
Besides the strong start by Dark Ice, Antelope was always in control of the game in a certain way. The match was tight and close until the third chukker, when Grant Palmer’s team found their best level. They were leading by half a goal with one chukker to go, but in the last one they scored a 5-1 period to take an important win.

Umpire: Alex Roldán.

Score Antelope: (0-0.5) 3-2.5, 5-5.5, 7-6.5, 12-7.5.

6pm, Field 1: Marquard Media 14-10 Legacy
Strong start by Marquard Media, who was leading 4-2 in the midway the second chukker. But from then on Legacy showed its best level of the competition, scoring a 4-0 which eld them to the lead in the game. But Marquard Media begin to grow and made a great comeback to catch the lead again. Final Score: 14-10. They look forward now to Saturday’s semifinals. 

Umpires: Federico Martelli and Esteban Ferrari.

Score Marquard Media: 2-2, 4-6, 7-8, 11-10, 14-10.

The International Polo Cup will resume Thursday with the following order of play:
10am, categoría 8-10 goles: Antelope vs Lions Polo Team. 
11am, categoría 8-10 goles: VT Wealth Management vs St Tropez Polo Team.

Besides the sporting aspect, Thursday will be a very special date for the season at the Polo Club de Saint Tropez. At 7pm the players will parade through the port of Saint Tropez riding their horses and they will finish at the Mairie, where they will be thrown an official reception.

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