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May and June MVPs

July 10, 2017
July 10, 2017
The World Polo Tour has chosen the most outstanding players of June, after a thrilling Queen's Cup final and the start of several key European tournaments:


Pro of the Month:
- Tincho Merlos: He was a crucial part of La Indiana in the Queen's Cup final, which he played for second consecutive year. Accurate with penalty shots and deadly in attack, the Argentine has also a great start in the Gold Cup at Cowdray Park.

Amateur of the month:
- Michael Bickford: La Indiana's patron has played a good role in his team's success. Considered by many as one of the best patrons on the field, Bickford continues to improve.

Pick of the month:
- Jimbo Fewster: After several changes in the lineup, King Power Foxes hit the nail on the head with this young English player. He gave a good performance in the Queen's Cup, and got off to a solid start in the Gold Cup. 

Going through the picks of May:


Pro of the month:
- Rodrigo Andrade: The Brazilian has become Adolfo Cambiaso's ideal teammate. Andrade's consistency has been key for RH - a fundamental reason for their Queen's Cup win. They have only lost one game this season. 

Amateur of the month:
- Michael Bickford: La Indiana's patron has continued to grow over the seasons. He has helped his team to claim important victories in England, France, and USA.

Pick of the month:
- Martin Podestá: He joined Murus Sanctus a few days before the start of the high goal season, and has shown to be a star in the making. He played a big role in getting his team to the Queen's Cup semifinals.

1. Cambiaso, Adolfo
2. Pieres, Facundo
3. Nero, Juan Martin
4. Pieres, Gonzalo
5. Mac Donough, Pablo
6. Stirling, Pelon
7. Pieres, Nicolás
8. Cavanagh, Diego
9. Pieres, Polito
10. Andrade, Rodrigo

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