Silver Whips Cup Final
Silver Whips Cup FinalSilver Whips Cup Final

Silver Whips Cup Final

VT Wealth MGMT celebrated in Saint Tropez

June 12, 2017
June 12, 2017
Four teams up to 10-goals gathered at the Polo Club Saint-Tropez to compete for the Silver Whips Cup 2017, the third tournament of the season.
Under a sunny summer day, VT Wealth Management and Saint-Tropez/ Sea Breeze Polo Team met for the main final, where Fedier´s team claimed the trophy after a 7-5 win. 
The 3rd position went to Dark Ice, who beat F Polo Team 7.5-7.
The tournament ended up with the awards ceremony, and a stunning evening on the terrasse of the restaurant Polo 1999 where another Sunday Polo took place, this time with a show brought by the Cabaret Rouge.
The final scores were as follows:
St Tropez/Sea Breeze 5-7 VT Wealth Management 
F Polo Team 7-7.5 Dark Ice 
Finals positions:
1-VT Wealth Management 
2-St Tropez/Sea Breeze 
3-Dark Ice 
4-F Polo Team 
MVP: Thomas Fedier 
BPP: Sorda, from Sacha Fedier. 
Next up: Ten teams will battle it out for the Golden Wave Cup.