Polo Club de Saint Tropez
Polo Club de Saint TropezPolo Club de Saint Tropez

Polo Club de Saint Tropez

Polo kicks off in the Cote D'Azur

May 18, 2017
May 18, 2017
Clubs have started playing tournaments all over Europe, but one of the most vibrant and exciting seasons of the summer undoubtedly belongs to St. Tropez Polo Club. The club has already hosted its first tournament, La Coupe de l’Hippocampe, which came to an end last weekend. The competition set the standard for the competitive series of tournaments to come in the Cote d’azur. 

Set in over 200 hectares, surrounded by lush forests, St Tropez Polo Club now boasts four tifton fields and a large stick & ball field. The club was formed in 1998, when it had only one field; today, it is one of the most important in the area. Club owner Alshair Fiyaz has built incredible facilities for players, patrons, grooms, and of course, the horses.

The club is preparing itself for its greatest season ever after undergoing ambitious projects over the winter. 

The club now includes:

-4 world class fields
-380 boxes (with plans to increase to 530 in 2018)
-A new exercise track
-A 60m x 20m sand school
-Apartments and houses for grooms and players
-Restaurant and bar.

Soon, the club will also have:

-Tenis courts
-Paddle courts
-30m swimming pool, with a bar area
-Gym with latest machines, massage area, and virtual golf.

The club and surrounding area are spectacular, enjoyed by patrons, players, and family alike. The weather conditions are ideal for polo and play.

The club’s investments have not only made it one of the best places for polo in the country, but they have also focused on creating a meeting place centred on sport in general, all just 5 minutes from St. Tropez marina. 

Four teams took part in the Coupe de l’Hippocampe, with locals F Polo Team running out the winners and claiming the first title of the season. The final was followed by "Sunday Polo,” a fun event hosted after every final of the season. The tournament positions were the following:

1- F Polo Team 
2- St Tropez Polo Team 
3- Sea Brezee 
4- The Glorious Four 

Coupe de l'Hippocampe: Teams & Scores

The Sun Trophy, the second tournament of the season, kicks off on Thursday, May 18; the final will be played on Sunday, May 28.

Sun Trophy: Fixture & Teams

2017 Season Fixture:
-Sun Trophy (8-10 goals): May 18-28. 
-Silver Whips (8-10 goals): June 1-11. 
-Golden Wave (8-10 goals): June 15-25. 
-Polo Women’s Cup (10-14 goals): June 30-July 2. 
-International Polo Cup (8-10 & 12-15 goals): July 6 -16. 
-Polo Masters Open Gassin (8-10 & 12-15 goals): July 20-30. 
-Cote D’Azur Polo Cup (8-10 & 15-18 goals): August 3-13. 
-Open du Soleil (8-10 & 12-15 goals): August 17-27. 
-Gold Cup (8-10 goals): August 31- September 10.