• Coronation Cup at Guards Polo Club

    Chris Mackenzie and James Beim during lats year's match (Ph: Patricio Ramirez).

Coronation Cup at Guards Polo Club
Coronation Cup at Guards Polo ClubCoronation Cup at Guards Polo Club

Coronation Cup at Guards Polo Club

England & the Commonwealth prepare to go head-to-head once again

May 16, 2017
May 16, 2017
The Hurlingham Polo Association has confirmed that England will face the Commonwealth once again in the Coronation Cup on Saturday, 29th July at Guards Polo Club. These two competitive teams played a memorable match last year, where Commonwealth captain Fred Mannix received the historic trophy from HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (final score: 12-11).

England’s team captain James Beim, in his third year at the helm of the home side, is already focusing on England’s tactics: "The Commonwealth boys put up an impressive performance last year, but with a strong UK season ahead of us, both our players and ponies will be at our peak on July 29, ready to keep the Coronation Cup firmly in English hands this time around."

In an exciting change of format, the HPA has confirmed that for the first time a female teams has been invited to play on the day. David Woodd, Chief Executive of the HPA said: "Women’s polo is growing fast worldwide and the introduction of Ladies handicaps has been a great boost for female polo. It is excellent that the strength and depth of Ladies polo is being recognised by inviting two female teams to compete for the Diamond Jubilee trophy, which will be played after the Coronation Cup."

The teams will be confirmed soon. Last year’s teams were as follows: 
England: Jack Richardson, Max Charlton, James Beim, James Harper. 
Commonwealth: Hissam Ali Hyder, Chris MacKenzie, John Paul Clarkin, Frederick Mannix.