Santa Paula Cup
Santa Paula CupSanta Paula Cup

Santa Paula Cup

Interscholastic competition kicks off in Pilar

April 17, 2017
April 17, 2017
The Santa Paula Cup (Subsidiary Zeus Cup), an interscholastic tournament for high school students, is due to start on Tuesday April 18 at the Argentine Polo Association in Pilar.

The competition was first played in 1951 when the Reynal brothers donated the trophy as a tribute to their mother, Paula Llauró de Reynal.

The current edition will showcase sixteen teams up to 12 goals. Title holders Las Cañuelas will be among the participating schools.

Tuesday's order of play:

Las Cañuelas vs. Palermo Chico
Fasta San José vs. Colegio del Pilar
St. Catherine's Moorlands A vs. St. Catherine's Moorlands B

Escuela del Alba vs. Champagnat
St. Andrews A vs. St. Andrews B
Los Robles A vs. Los Robles B

María Inmaculada vs. Miguel di Gerónimo
Cardenal Newman A vs. Cardenal Newman B

The finals are due on April 27 in Pilar (Zeus Cup) and Palermo (Santa Paula Cup).