• Sterling Cup: Travieso claims title

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Sterling Cup: Travieso claims title
Sterling Cup: Travieso claims titleSterling Cup: Travieso claims title

Sterling Cup: Travieso claims title

Beat Casablanca at Grand Champions

March 17, 2017
March 17, 2017
In a very exciting game, Travieso staged a remarkable comeback to capture the prestigious Sterling Cup at Grand Champions Polo Club. In front of a packed house, Travieso (Tony Calle 2, Torito Ruiz 3, Sebastián Merlos 9, Hugo Barabucci 6) rallied from a 6-2 halftime deficit for a thrilling 13-8 victory over Casablanca (Harrison Azzaro 0, Grant Ganzi 2, Gonzalito Pieres 9, Rodrigo Andrade 9).

It was Travieso's first 20-goal tournament victory of the 2017 winter season and second in team history since its debut in 2015 at Grand Champions, where it was the winningest team in low and medium goal polo before stepping up to high goal. Travieso (Tony Calle, JJ Celis, Facundo Obregon, Jesse Bray) also won the 2015 USPA North American 20-Goal Cup.

MVP: Argentine 9-goaler Sebastian Merlos turned in one of his finest career-performances leading his team's comeback with a game-high six goals and was named Most Valuable Player.
BPP: Merlos' 9-year-old grey mare Fletcha. Four-goal output in the fourth chukker.

After being shut out in the second and third chukkers, Travieso stormed back in the second half, outscoring Casablanca, 10-2, in the fourth and fifth chukkers.

Travieso outscored Casablanca, 6-0, in the key fourth chukker to take an 8-6 lead going into the fifth chukker. Travieso continued its relentless attack in the fifth chukker outscoring Casablanca, 4-2, for a 12-8 lead. Travieso continued attacking in the final chukker to shut out Casablanca once again.

Travieso Scorers: Merlos (6), Calle (4), Ruiz (3).
Casablanca Scorers: Pieres (4), Andrade (3) and Ganzi (1).

Eighteen-year-old Victorino Ruiz won his second tournament in three days. After winning the $50,000 National 12-Goal Tournament with GSA on Tuesday with a dominating 13-6 victory over Casablanca.

Travieso's path to the title: 9-8 loss to Valiente, 11-10 win over Palm Beach Equine, 12-11 triumph over Audi and 11-6 victory over Dutta Corp.

The Molina Cup, a first-year 20-goal tournament, comes on the heels of the successful and historical Sterling Cup that ends on Thursday with the final between Casablanca and Travieso.

The two-week tournament features a star-studded lineup of some of the world's top players including Magoo Laprida, Alejandro Novillo Astrada, Matías Magrini, Mariano González, Tomás García del Río, Sebastián Merlos and Diego Cavanagh.

Participating Teams:
Goose Creek: Maureen Brennan 1, Peke González 4, Tomás García del Río 8, Mariano González 7.
Beverly Equestrian: Magoo Laprida 8, Iñaki Laprida 7, Carlucho Arellano 5, Bill Balhaus 0.
Valiente: Rob Jornayvaz 1, Pablo Spinacci 6, Diego Cavanagh 8, Roberto Zedda 4.
Casablanca: Grant Ganzi 2, Juancito Bollini 3, Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8, Jesse Bray 5.
Travieso: Teo Calle 1, Hugo Barabucci 6, Sebastián Merlos 9, Costi Caset 4.
Dutta Corp: Timmy Dutta 0, Carlitos Gracida 4, Piki Díaz Alberdi 7, Matías Magrini 8.

Tournament brackets: 
Bracket One:
Goose Creek, Beverly Equestrian and Valiente.
Bracket Two:
Casablanca, Travieso and Dutta Corp.

-Friday, 2pm: Goose Creek vs Beverly Equestrian.