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Official launch of the list

March 10, 2017
March 10, 2017
The official launching of Union del Polo took place on Thursday at the Tattersall in Palermo, Buenos Aires. The party will present themselves during the next elections for Argentine Polo Association President and promises a huge change of the current development of polo in the country and in its relation with the different Associations around the world.

The list, headed by the top polo player Eduardo Novillo Astrada and seconded by Eduardo Heguy, is also comprised by Carlos Menéndez Behety, Delfín Uranga, Rafael Cúneo Libarona, Sebastián Pistone, José Yofre, Federico Virasoro, Juan Cavanagh and Carlos Alfredo Castignani.

It is worth mentioning the great success of the presentation, which was attended by specialized media from all over the country and representatives from different clubs inside Argentina, who have already signed their respective support letters to Union del Polo.

Three types of clubs are involved in the electoral process:
- Active Clubs
- Adherent Clubs
- Militars 
There is a total of 61 clubs with right to vote, 20 of them belong to the militar category. Therefore from a total of 271 inscripted clubs in the AAP that pay their annual fee, only the 21% have the right to express themselves in the elections.